2017 Contest Results

The 2017 Become a Veterinarian Camp Contest Winners

Vet Set Go is committed to encouraging tween and teen future veterinarians to get out and explore their dream of becoming a veterinarian.   That is why we were so proud to partner with Royal Canin this year to hold the first-ever Become a Veterinarian Camp Contest.  It is our privilege to provide three scholarships to aspiring veterinarians at the Auburn University’s Junior VET Camp this summer. 

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2017 Become a Veterinary Camp Contest 2017.   The response we had to this event was phenomenal.  Our website traffic was six times its normal levels during the contest and we received hundreds of entries.

The stories that future veterinarians from all over the United States shared with us were inspiring.   Vet Set Go members love animals and have already done so much to get animal experience, explore the science of animals, and help animals in need.  It made picking just three winners very difficult.   

The Three Grand Prize Winners
Future Vet Horse
Future Vet Dog Rabbit
Future Vet Rabbit

Willow from Queen Creek Arizona who said “My family rescues horses from slaughter and we bring them back to health and train them. I have a lot of experience with animals because of our rescue.”

Gunnar from Tallahassee, Florida who wrote “I have learned about veterinarians by always going to the vet with my parents and paying extremely close attention to what they are doing.”

Christianna from West Palm Beach, Florida who shared “Since I was in kindergarten I have always wanted to be a veterinarian. The desire is still present to this day. My mother asked me if I could operate on an animal. My response was, "Yes." “

I have learned about veterinarians by always going to the vet with my parents and paying extremely close attention to what they are doing.
Runners Up

The ten runners up were:

  • Melina from Redman, Washington
  • Ava from Lidowici, Georgia
  • Charisma from Chula Vista, California
  • Kassie from Lancaster, California
  • Brian from Kennesaw, Georgia
  • Zoe from Fox Island, Washington
  • Anne from Madison, Alabama
  • Aida from Glastonbury, Connecticut
  • Nani from Kennesaw, Georgia
  • Luke from Cumming, Georgia

We congratulate these Grand Prize winners and Runners Up.  Once again, we thank everyone who shared their story with us.   

Keep connected with Vet Set Go as we work every day to make exploring your dream of becoming a veterinarian easier and easier.

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