Junior Zookeeper Day Camp

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July 24th-26th

9a-5p Full Day

9a-1p- Half Day


3 Day long camp.

Junior Zookeeper certificate program available!


Half day Camp: $50 a day

Full Day Camp: $85 a day

** book 3 full days and receive 10% off cost.

Camp Ready Bag $25. Includes North Georgia Zoo tote bag, t-shirt, water bottle, snack, sunscreen, insect repellent and North Georgia Zoo wristband (Good for $1 off all future admissions)

Camp Lunch $5 a day (includes drink, snack, fruit and peanut butter jelly sandwich)

Picture CD $25


· Animal Education: Learn about animals from all around the world.

· Animal Feeding: Learn about the diets of many different animals and how to prepare and actually feed many of the animals.

· Animal Enrichment. Participate in creating fun toys for the animals to play with and enjoy watching some of those interactions.

· Pictures: Campers will have the opportunity to have their photo taken with many different animals and have their experiences captured on camera. Picture CDs of their experience are available for $25.

· Activities are customized according to age. Included are pony rides, enrichment crafts, petting zoo, bottle feeding baby animals and more!

· Our camp staff is dedicated to providing an amazing, safe, and unforgettable camp experience. A wholesome camp experience so that campers can grow spiritually, cognitively, physically and socially.

· Ages 8 and up.

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