My blind frog!

Jun 15, 2020 7:06AM

One evening, when my sister and I were cleaning the yard. I went to move the wagon, and we saw a frog, but it did not move. My sister went to get mommy. but she thought it was a toy frog. She touched it and it hopped so we caught him and took him inside. He was so sick yellow and skinny he was even blind. So daddy said I could keep it so we named him No-see-um. Nobody thought he was going to live but we put him in the butterfly net with leaves. And the next day he was still living. So we bought him ten crickets at a time because we still did not think he would make it. And every day we fed him and took him for a walk in the grass. And so after about a week daddy said he would need a better home than the butterfly net. So we put him in my fish tank. He lived for one year in are house. he is what inspired me to save animals. And now I have four frogs. The end

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