20% Off Become a Vet Book and Quiz Bundle

20% Off Become a Vet Book and Quiz Bundle

Get two gifts packed with valuable information to help all aspiring vets for a lifetime.

Our book is the ONLY book available that shows you how get animal experience, volunteer, learn animal science, meet veterinarians, and/or connect with other aspiring veterinarians.

Each chapter will present activities you can try, share one or two “case studies” or examples, and finish by giving you step-by-step action plans and check-lists on what you need to do to right now to make it all happen.

In addition to the book, get access to our "Become a Veterinarian Quiz," designed to give ideas and suggestions tailored just for young aspiring vets. Become a Vet Quiz lets you see how your experience compares to other aspiring veterinarians your age, so you can find new ways to grow along your journey to becoming a vet.

The Become a Vet Veterinarian Quiz is a web based quiz. Future vets will take the quiz on-line and then receive a custom 19 page report via email with specific advice based on your needs.

After you order, a quiz code will be sent directly to you via email. Just take the quiz online at and you will see your scores immediately and get custom advice from veterinary professionals.

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