The question you’re probably asking yourself is what is Vet Set Go? Well, the short answer is that it is the perfect way for future veterinarians to explore their dream.

"Vet Set Go is the first and only web community designed for aspiring veterinarians."

Vet Set Go is the first and only web community designed for aspiring veterinarians. It is a unique way of helping future veterinarians connect with today’s veterinarians. It is also a resource where veterinary tweens and teens can learn about the science of animals.


We are a web community that has a lot to offer veterinary tweens and teens. In the “Meet The Vets” section, we have videos that take our members behind the scenes to see exactly what different veterinarians do. There are so many different types of veterinarians doing so many different types of veterinary jobs. Through this section, we help future veterinarians explore the many opportunities animal doctors have.


We also have videos that let aspiring veterinarians follow a case and learn more about animals. In the “Science of Veterinary Medicine” section, visitors will follow cases as they are happening in the clinic. They will hear the clinic sounds and listen in to the conversations the veterinary teams are having. More importantly, they will learn the science of animals as they follow each case.

We offer FREE games that help the future veterinarians explore everything from dog breeds to the basics of anatomy in a fun and interactive way. We also will be offering mobile apps that allow users to learn on their phones. And, of course, we have articles that explore all sorts of veterinary topics.

Finally, we are a community that allows people to connect. We have an Activities section that lets future veterinarians find activities close to their home. We also have a Community section that lets veterinary teams and future veterinarians share their stories.



Vet Set Go is a also a community with a purpose. In addition to helping future veterinarians explore their dreams, Vet Set Go is hoping to become an important financial resource for veterinary students (Learn More). We want all aspiring veterinarians to have the opportunity to realize their dream.

Thanks again for visiting. We hope you’ll become part of our community.

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