Vet Volunteer Mobile App

Vet Volunteer Mobile App

Vet Set Go has created the first and only app that lets aspiring veterinarians find and track their veterinary shadowing, volunteer, and animal care work.

Vet Set Go, the first and only community dedicated to aspiring veterinarians, has created the Vet Volunteer app to alleviate the stress of finding shadowing and volunteer opportunities in your area. This app also keeps a daily record of the hospitals you’ve worked at, the hours you’ve put in, the animal species you’ve worked with and the experiences you have had — all in a convenient app.

The Vet Volunteer app keeps track of important information:

  • You can easily track your daily hours, along with dates, the animals you worked with and notes on the specific experience you added.
  • Your volunteer information is stored conveniently on your phone.
  • Hours are totaled and summarized by type of activity on one easy-to-access screen.
  • Details of your experience and the record from any day you worked are easily accessible.

When you’re looking for a place to volunteer, the app can help:

  • You can search for opportunities by location and the experience type.
  • Once you find an experience you’re interested in, detailed information will appear including the hospital name, the location, photographs and the contact information.
  • Reviews of others who have volunteered at your selected location will be available.

The Vet Volunteer app allows you to stay current and connected:

  • A newsfeed shows new veterinary hospitals that have entered our network.
  • You will see updates on other volunteers and their volunteer experiences.
  • Updates on other events and opportunities at universities and veterinary hospitals are provided.

The app gives you all the information you need to find the volunteer opportunity that’s right for you — all you have to do is download it!

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