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Chris Carpenter DVM MBA

Founder and President

Dr. Chris Carpenter has worked for over 10 years to help students explore their dreams of becoming a veterinarian.

“Veterinary medicine is unlike any other profession. The desire to help animals and become an animal doctor is a calling that starts early in life.” Dr. Carpenter says. “Just ask any veterinarian practicing today. We know that the majority of veterinarians in the United States made their decision to become a veterinarian before they were 13 years of age.” He adds “Today’s aspiring veterinarians are no different. Working with animals is a calling for them and they are passionate about it. They made their decision to become a vet at a young age and they are determined to see it through.”

"Vet Set Go is here to help aspiring veterinarians explore their dream today.”

“I made my decision to become a veterinarian when I was eleven years old and I remember how badly I wanted to talk to a veterinarian, work with animals, and learn all I could about the science of animals.” This is why Dr. Carpenter created Vet Set Go. To give tween and teen aspiring veterinarians a community they could go to. A place that shows them how they can volunteer and get hands-on experience, teaches them about animals, and introduces them to veterinarians. As Dr. Carpenter puts it “Vet Set Go is here to help aspiring veterinarians explore their dream today”.

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Vet Set Go is the first and only web community dedicated to aspiring veterinarians. Hundreds of thousands of future veterinarians have read the articles, played the games, watched the videos, and found volunteer opportunities. More importantly, Vet Set Go has partnered with organizations like the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine to give scholarships to tween and teen aspiring veterinarians so that they can attend a weeklong summer veterinary camps.

Dr. Carpenter’s book, Vet Set Go!, has been read by thousands of future vets. It is the only book that solves a problem most students face. “A future veterinarian typically makes his or her decision to become a veterinarian before they are 13 years of age” Dr. Carpenter explains. “They then learn very quickly that it is hard to find places where they can get animal experience and/or volunteer at that age. The Vet Set Go! book helps them break through this age barrier. It is full of ideas on how aspiring veterinarians can explore their dream today. Regardless of their age.”

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Dr. Carpenter also created the Become a Veterinarian Quiz, the only program that evaluates where a student is on their journey to becoming a veterinarian and gives them customized advice. “Every future veterinarian wants to know what they should be doing, and that answer is different based on their level of experience.” Dr. Carpenter says. “What I love about the Become a Veterinarian Quiz is that it gives advice that is unique and customized for that individual.”

The most important thing to remember about our products is that they fund the Vet Set Go’s mission. The more people who buy our products, the more we can expand our website and offer more scholarships.

Every future veterinarian wants to know what they should be doing, and that answer is different based on their level of experience.

Dr. Carpenter holds a license to practice veterinary medicine in multiple states throughout the US. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the National Science Teachers Association. In addition to his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Carpenter holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from the University of Florida and a Masters of Business Administration from New Hampshire College.

Today, in addition to his work with Vet Set Go, Dr. Carpenter is the Chief Executive Officer of the non-profit Companion Animal Parasite Council. An organization that is dedicated to keeping pets and people protected from parasitic diseases.

Raised as a “military brat” who grew up all over the country, Dr. Carpenter now lives in St. Augustine, Florida with his wife, daughter and a goofy Golden Doodle named Cooper. In his spare time, you will find him taking in the Florida sun as he surfs, road bikes, swims, or spends time with Cooper at the neighborhood dog park.

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