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Veterinary medicine is a calling. The majority of veterinarians practicing today made their decision to become a veterinarian before they were just thirteen years of age! This is a professional community linked by a desire to help animals … and each other.

Vet Set Go is grateful to the following organizations in the veterinary community that have worked with us to mentor the next generation of animal doctors.

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Through our combined efforts we have been able to help future veterinarians explore their dreams by providing them with articles, videos, and books.

Through the sales of our products and help of our supporters, we have also been able to provide these future veterinarians with a full scholarship to a week long veterinary camps at a veterinary college:


Camp Winners
Vet Set Go introduces STEM opportunities to students

Even if these aspiring veterinarians decide on a different career path, we are proud to have shown these students the many opportunities a career in science provides. We are one of the few organizations to provide exposure to STEM opportunities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to future animal doctors.

If your organization is interested in sharing the veterinary profession and supporting our STEM programs, please contact us today.

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