A Bit Tricky

Mar 30, 2024 3:03PM

Hi I am Madeline!

I want to become a vet because I am extremely passionate with working with animals and have been my whole life. From fostering medically challenged animals at a young age to helping my own pets and neighbors. I really am interested in working on the emergency or surgery side as my work and volunteer experience with those departments have been the most interesting.

I am currently shadowing at Oakland Animal Hospital for a high school level veterinary program. I have also been working closely at Wilson Veterinary Hospital as an assistant and shadowing in my free time in the Orthopedic Surgery department.

I would say it was definitely a bit tricky to find first volunteer experiences as there are limited spots and also age restrictions with a lot of them. It is hard to get involved as a high school student for sure, so I am super grateful to have found a community supportive of educating me more in the field to help reach my goals of heading off the vet school in the future.

I so far have been loving the Vet Volunteer App as it is so easy to log dates and hours and also set up a new location for volunteering if needed. I also love how the app has features for looking for new volunteer opportunities for users as they are so difficult to find at times.

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