Summer Clinic Mayhem

Oct 19, 2023 12:10AM

Over the summer, I volunteered at a cat spay/neuter clinic in my home town where I gained insight into numerous ins and outs of the veterinarian trade. It showed me how much I love to help other people and, more importantly, their pets! This opportunity allowed me to make connections that will help me on my journey to becoming an emergency vet.

I volunteered to put myself out there to see what challenges my community is up against when it comes to pets/animals. But also because I love learning new things and meeting new people. Now I feel that I can be more productive with my time since I understand the issues we face: stray overpopulation.

My favorite volunteer experience so far has been working in the cat shelter where I meet some many new furry friends! They became my second family and I was always ecstatic when they got adopted into their forever homes.

This app has allowed me to keep track of my hectic schedule and allows me to focus on the important life-altering animal theatrics while tracking my hours for me. The simplicity of the app really let me quickly jot down what I needed so I could get back to the animals.

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Dr. Chris Carpenter
October 16 - 09:10pm

An emergency vet! What a great choice!

Thank you for spending so much time working to help the cats in this shelter. We are so glad the Vet Volunteer app is helping you track those hours for your future veterinary applications.

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