BROADREACH: Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

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For students considering a future working with animals or in veterinary medicine, this opportunity to get hands-on experience will prepare you for your future and give you the field experience needed to pursue that path. This program introduces you to not only academic subject areas taught at vet school, but also the in-class lab techniques used to uphold these teachings, and students will log 35+ hours working alongside veterinarians. Students learn comparative anatomy, physiology, medicine, surgery, behavior, husbandry, nutrition, conversation, management and public health standards.

Earn 3 college credits and 20 service hours.

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I absolutely loved this trip. I had never been without my parents for more than a week, nevertheless traveled out of the country alone. Broadreach did an excellent job of communicating with my parents and I about my safety on the trip as well as flying there and back. The information I learned on this experience has helped grown me as a veterinary student. I confirmed my passion for veterinary medicine and would highly recommend this program for any student interested in pursuing a career involving animals. Highly skilled instructors are with the group constantly, so there is no shortage of learning. Plus, the trip included tourist activities such as rafting and repelling (things I was nervous about doing, but again ended up being safe and fun).

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