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Our High School Veterinary Service programs in Thailand and Australia are for ages 14-18 and anyone who's completed eighth grade can enroll. Programs are two weeks long and can be joined together for longer travel. Groups are small (12 students max) and led by a US vet, with 24/7 staff and support and all-inclusive pricing. College credit and financial aid is available. Loop Abroad has been offering high school programs abroad for 9 years and focuses exclusively on animal science and pre-vet programs.

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All students got an equal amount of hands-on learning experience. We learned about veterinary techniques as well as the culture of Thailand. Thankfully I will be spending another summer with Loop Abroad in Australia! Completely recommend for young students wondering if the veterinary field is for them!


This program is amazing! I went on the High School Veterinary Service Program in Thailand this past summer and it was an awesome experience. There is a lot of hands-on experience with all kinds of animals, from elephants to dogs and students learn so much about being a veterinarian. We were also able to learn about Thai culture and visit many different places in the city. I would 10/10 reccomend this program!


My trip to Thailand this past summer was truly life changing! I have never left the country before and I have never thought I would on my own. I loved every moment of it. Once in Chiang Mai, Thailand I did not want to leave. Two weeks was not enough. I would love to go back someday and hopefully with the people I met on my adventure! I met a wonderful group of people and a beautiful country and culture. I am thankful for finding Loop Abroad as well as breaking from my comfort zone to go on such a spectacular trip! ❤️


I went on the High School Veterinary Service Program this past summer. And the trip was well worth it! On the trip, you learn a variety of veterinary techniques and even gain hands-on experience next to the certified veterinarians. I am so thankful to have found Loop Abroad and to have been able to go on this wonderful trip.


Travelling with Loop Abroad was an amazing example experience unlike any other! During my two weeks in Chang Mai, I was able to a lot of hands on experience working closely with the dogs at ARK and the elephants at the Elephant Nature Park. There was always something to learn and a way to help during the surgeries and vet rounds! I highly recommend this program for anyone with a passion for animals and a desire to be a vet.

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