Las Vegas Animal Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with veterinarians at shelters and animal care facilities is the best way to explore and confirm your dream of becoming a veterinarian.

As a volunteer shadowing in a veterinary hospital, you can see exactly what a veterinarian’s day looks like. By watching hospital procedures, you'll learn medical terms, animal husbandry techniques, education names, basic anatomy and so much more. If you volunteer at a shelter, you contribute to the well-being of animals in distress while gaining valuable skills in essential caregiving tasks — these can include feeding, administering medications and offering socialization and mental stimulation to the animals under your care.

Las Vegas, Nevada has an estimated 200,000 stray cats. Though these numbers are worse in other states, it still implies the need for animal support and volunteers in the area. In fact, when it comes to becoming an animal shelter volunteer, Las Vegas makes it easy. There are several animal shelter volunteer opportunities where people can offer nurturing hands to animals each day.

Are you ready to help improve the lives of the cats and dogs in Las Vegas? View the information below to learn more about volunteer opportunities in the area today.

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You'll need to remember and record all you volunteer hours and tasks for your future veterinary college applications. The best way to record your activities is through the Vet Volunteer app. It allows you to write what animals you worked with, what type of experience you had and, most importantly, log exactly what you did each day -- this keeps all your information in one place for easy reference later on in your veterinary journey!

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