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Animal Anatomy – Exploring Exotic Animals

Exploring Exotic Animals

The study of animal anatomy can be an amazing journey of discovery but only if you’re adventurous and go beyond a simple study of the dog and cat. To truly appreciate the beauty of the “animal machine” and all the parts that make it work, you must explore the variety that is animal anatomy. Studying the anatomy of exotic animals lets you see the adaptation and modifications that allow each species to be successful in its own unique environment.

To get a feel for the variety and beauty that is animal anatomy, look at these select illustration examples from the Vet Set Go Introduction to Anatomy Online Course and the Beneath the Skin Scale and Feather animal anatomy book. Each illustration is original artwork. These beautiful and precise medical illustrations were created through a collaboration between an illustrator, veterinarian and veterinary anatomist. These medical illustrations show students how the structures from a wide variety of exotic animals like elephants, anteaters, bats and alligators have adapted.

Snake Anatomy

Octopus Anatomy

Turtle Anatomy

Shark Anatomy

Insect Anatomy

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