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Octopus Anatomy

A quick look at the octopus anatomy shows a major variation from other animals. The octopus has three hearts! In fact, one of the octopus’ hearts stops beating when the animal is swimming. Learn more by taking the Vet Set Go anatomy course and exploring in detail, about the hearts of an octopus and how it functions.

In the on-line Introduction to Animal Anatomy course and the Beneath the Skin, Scale, Fur, & Feather anatomy coloring book, future vets will be exposed to the comparative anatomy of a wide variety of animals. Students, will compare the bones in the neck of a giraffe to the same bones in neck of a horse, they will see the four chambered stomachs of cows and the two stomachs of birds, they will compare the four-chambered heart of mammals to the three-chambered heart of amphibians, and so much more. Animals from anteaters to dolphins are featured in this course.

Additionally, "Beneath, the Skin, Scale Fur and Feather" doesn’t just teach anatomy. Through its “Did You Know” and “Fun Fact” call outs, students learn interesting facts on function, medical conditions, behavior and so much more.

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