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Shadowing a Veterinarian

Are you interested in shadowing a veterinarian? Do you want to see what you can expect on your shadowing day? What will you do? What will you learn?

Meet Dr. Stephanie Jones of the Animal Hospital of Ft. Lauderdale. Dr. Jones has been mentoring and educating students through classroom visits and her shadowing program for years. In the video above, she reviews what students can expect during their shadowing day. What rooms will you visit? What procedures will you see? What will you be allowed to do and what will you asked to learn? This is a great overview for any student hoping to shadow a veterinarian near them.

Let Vet Set Go help you find that first shadowing opportunity.

Still interested in shadowing a veterinarian? Let Vet Set Go help you find that first shadowing opportunity. Start by signing up for the How to Shadow a Veterinarian Course and the Veterinary Shadowing Safety and Hospital Orientation courses.

In the How to Shadow a Veterinarian Course, you’ll get all the information you’ll need to land your first shadowing opportunity. We’ll teach everything you need to know including: The different types of veterinarians you can shadow; How to contact a veterinary hospital; What clothes to wear on your day of shadowing; What you’ll be doing on your shadowing day; And so much more.

The Veterinary Shadowing Safety and Hospital Orientation course shows a clinic that you are responsible and ready for a safe shadowing experience. One of the biggest concerns for a veterinarian and their hospital staff is the safety of anyone who shadows in their clinic. This course lets a hospital know that you understand how to learn in a safe way.

At the end of both courses, we’ll give you a certificate to show the veterinary team that you are ready but don’t stop there…

When you have these two certificates, sign up for the Vet Volunteer app. This app is FREE and it will help you find a location in your area that allow student to volunteer and/or shadow. Additionally, it helps you keep track of all your shadowing and volunteer experiences. You’ll need this information when you apply to veterinary colleges. The average accepted veterinary student has over 1,500 hours of veterinary volunteer hours.

Shadowing a veterinarian like Dr. Jones is one of the best ways to explore veterinary medicine. Let Vet Set Go help you explore your dream and get the animal and veterinary experience you have been wanting. It starts with that first step….

Written by: Dr. Chris Carpenter
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