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Snake Anatomy

Do snakes have necks? When studying the snake anatomy and the vertebrae of snakes, scientists are able to identify the C1 and C2 vertebrae. These bones are called the atlas and axis respectively and are the first bones of the cervical (neck) bones in other animals. What they aren’t certain of is how many additional neck vertebrae are in a snake.

Veterinarians can’t just learn the anatomy of one species like human doctors. Veterinarians need to understand the unique structures and adaptations of all animals. Studying snake anatomy and the anatomy of other exotic animals lets you see just how unique an animal can be.

Our Introduction to Animal Anatomy on-line course will help you explore the anatomy of animals that live on the land, swim through the ocean, and fly in the air. You will get a chance to see how similar structures have adapted in different animals to help them succeed in their environments.

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