Animals are my passion

Mar 9, 2016 6:03PM

Hi my name is Laila and I'm 13 years old. I love animals of all kinds but my passion is with Ocean animals. When I was 9 my family and I discovered I was dyslexic as well as having a learning disability and the only way my mom could get me to read was by buying me books about my first love animals. In my school my teacher uses this as a way to keep me focused and animal topics are added into my daily school subjects to keep me learning. I swim a lot in the ocean with my Grandmom and sometimes we give the local manatees fresh water from the hose and scrub the barnacles off their skin. I love snorkeling and want to get the license to scuba dive one day soon. So far I've swam with the dolphins at the Seaquarium and attended the Jr vet program at Brevard zoo. My mom has taken me to 5 zoos so far and I'm hoping to volunteer at local animal shelters and anywhere else I can to get started early so I can get into a good vet college one day. My family pets are 2 quaker parrots and a pitbull. I'm so glad I found this community to learn more about becoming a vet one day.

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Dr. Chris Carpenter
March 9 - 09:03pm

What a great story! I love all of the ways you are exploring your dream. That is what Vet Set Go is all about - getting out there today and exploring your love of animals and your dream of becoming a veterinarian. Thank you for sharing with our visitors!

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