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Jul 19, 2018 4:07AM

Hi! I am Lucie and I want to be a vet. I have four dogs (just lost one D:) a parakeet and a fish. I wanted to be a vet for a year because I love animals and I hate to see them hurt and love to help them! I take care of my dogs: Honey, Flower, Daphne and Maebelle. I help with the parakeet Lemon and feed our fish Bubbly Jr. My favorite animals are dogs, horses and donkeys. Even though I only have one of those things: a dog I still get plenty of experience with horses and donkeys. I read the vet set go book and I rate it five stars out of five stars. It was a great book and I loved it. I go to a dog daycare (with cats) and a humane society. I plan on starting a camp soon when I talk my parents into it (have not told them yet). Even though my dad said its too early to foster dogs because of Buster who just died, maybe in a few months. We have perks at a pet store at the well be helpful when we foster! When I become a vet, I plan on working on small animals like dogs, cats, pocket pets and exotic pets. This is by far those most helpful vet site I have ever been on. I get to virtually hangout with other future vets! Its a really helpful site. I hope you like this site too! Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my story!

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December 21 - 01:12am

yeah, this is the most cool vet site ever!
this site is one of a kind.

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