become a vet.

Jan 21, 2021 7:01PM

hello! My name is Ashly. I just joined Vet Set Go today! I am 14 and was wondering if you're taking volunteers. I'm not sure if you are because of covid but i would still like to help if that is possible! :)

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Dr. Chris Carpenter
January 21 - 07:01pm

Thanks for joining. Our goal at Vet Set Go is to help you start volunteering. I do think that we are going to see a lot of opportunities come open this summer. You should get ready. If you can, get the Vet Set Go book which has 6 chapters on ways you can get animal experience at your age. If you are going to volunteer it will be local and we’ll show you how to find camps, vet shadowing opportunities and camps. If you don’t have the book , read some of the articles we have on this website. We’ll help you find that activity. I am so happy you are interested in veterinary medicine!

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