Cleaning Cages at House Paws: My Volunteer Experience

Jul 1, 2019 12:07PM

Hi Everyone! My name is Kaitlyn and I love animals. I volunteer in a program called Helping Hands at House Paws Mobile Veterinary Service in Mt. Laurel NJ. House Paws has all sorts of animals used in their Vets In Training program which I am a part of, and more experienced people from that program are selected to be a part of Helping Hands. Helping Hands members put in at least 16hours a month caring for the House Paws permanent residents.

We clean cages and exercise the animals.

On one of my days at House Paws, I cleaned all the animal cages which were three hedgehog cages, four bearded dragon cages, 3 guinea pig cages, a ferret cage, a sugar glider cage, a lizard cage, a chinchilla cage, two bunny cages, three bird cages, a rat cage, and six hamster cages.

I took the animals out and put them into a carrier one at a time, and cleaned their cages, getting them fresh food, water, bedding, and in some cases new toys.

I also walked two dogs and got them fresh food and water.

My favorite part was the surprise visitor, who I met after I finished cleaning the cages. It was a baby kitten! This kitten was an orphan and she had to be bottle fed. I got to feed her and it was an awesome experience! The picture is of me bottle feeding the kitten. :)

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