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Aug 22, 2016 1:08AM

For everything I have accomplished, which includes personal goals such as getting out of my comfort zone, I have the Josephine County 4H in Southern Oregon to thank! I have been a part of 4H for many years though I have been in Josephine County 4H for six years now, I am always learning new things and gaining new experiences! One thing I have loved for the past couple years that 4H all over Oregon does, is called Summer Conference. Summer Conference is held at Oregon State University (which is the university I plan to attend) and is a short four to five days spent in the dorms on campus where you also get to eat at the cafeteria and attend the fun/interesting and educational classes you have signed up for online. Summer Conference (SC) always takes place in summer about late June. This past summer, I signed up for many things including the following: OSU Tour (Which gave me a group of opportunities for when I attend), Anatomy of the Heart and Eye (Horse and dog mostly), Get Financially Fit, Artificial Insemination/Preg Check Clinic (where we used bovine as our demonstrative teachers so to speak), Animal Science 101, Animal Science Tour (toured all the animal facilities and learned more opportunities to take advantage of if attending), Line Dancing and of course, a Community Service, Flower it Up (Flower arranging for an upcoming brunch). During my animal science related classes, I was able to and did ask many questions and got some pretty good contacts at the college and so much more! I am constantly keeping an eye out for opportunities to learn, earn scholarships, be a helping hand and so much more! This year, a 4H group I am a part of, allowed me to choose where one of the places we gathered donations and such to and I chose the local Humane Society. We were able to gather many fun, helpful and amazing things that they were ever so grateful to receive. I loved how happy and appreciative they were and I was so content to have helped them so much. I have a few Veterinary/Animal Science books which I love to read and I have been taking an online veterinarian course. School will start back up for me soon here and when it does, I will be in Zoology and I have made good contacts who are helping me find what I am looking for and help me achieve what I am aiming for. I love to learn and improve in any and every way that I can. I appreciate you taking the time to read and consider my story! Hope you enjoyed!


Jasmine Hertel

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