Exploring the OVC at the College Royal

Mar 20, 2016 7:03PM

Today I spent a few hours at the University of Guelph College Royal. I spent the majority of my time in the OVC (Ontario Vet College), where I got to learn about some pretty cool things!

We first started of in 'Old MacDonald's New Barn' as the called it. It wasn't really anything special, they just had llamas, sheep, pigs, rabbits, cows, horses, chickens, goats, etc. I am now obsessed with goats and am asking for one for my birthday!

I next went into the OVC building, where they had lots of activities set up, such as milking rubber udders, and weighing yourself on an animal scale and comparing with a farm animal (I way about as much as a show sheep).

The next room we went into was the Foal Watch gallery. Goal Watch is a program where university students volunteer to help with sick foals, premature foals, or just foals in general. I will definitely be volunteering for that in university!

We also went into this room full of animal skeletons! There were all kinds of animals. There was a cat in there as well (not a skeleton) that had been cut open so that you could see inside of it; all of the organs and stuff! That was really cool!

I also went into this room where I got to play with brains, hearts, lungs, etc. I learned a lot about hearts, like how one side is thicker than the other so that it pumps blood.

Being a vet is a big dream of mine, and I really want to get into UofG when I'm older! It's a really nice place.

To see pictures from the College Royal, follow me on Instagram @liz.467 and add me on snapchat @liz.567 :)

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Dr. Chris Carpenter
March 20 - 07:03pm

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