Family Friend Farm

Jun 26, 2016 2:06PM

Well this summer I have been working on family friends farm. It is really fun. I clean out stalls which is not the best part. I take care of miniature goats. I worked on a chicken coop. The best part though is working with 2 gorgeous horses. I do ground work and I do saddle work. The two horses I work with are Fancy she is a polimino. She is absolutely gorgeous. Then I work with a Tennessee walker named Thunder. He is still pretty young. He is a paint he has one blue eye one brown eye. One day while I was brushing Fancy my brother yells, "Thunder is eating your hair Gracey!" I couldn't feel it but he had my ponytail in his mouth. He slobbers all the time. I prefer Fancy. Her and I just have this bond. She might be spooked of everything but she just becomes so much more calm around me. When I ride her it is so pleasant. It seems as if her and I become one. I can feel her heartbeat and breath on my legs. When I ride her I feel free and happy. Fancy is something special. Her and I just have a blast running around in the pasture all day. Sometimes she will chase after the chickens in the coop then look at me and neigh. I think she tries to make me laugh after a hard days work. She is a fun horse. I have had the pleasure of working on this farm.

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