Florida's Friend...Not Foe

Jul 7, 2017 11:07AM

My love of lizards began when I was in the third grade. Searching for lizards would become a hobby for my friends and me. There are numerous lizards around my house. The most common lizard is the Northern- Curlytoail. Some people think that's yucky. The funny male characters flex their muscles to attract females. However, they can be very unattractive if their tail is injured or missing. Lizards are actually pretty useful in Florida. There are pesty bugs around houses. That's where the lizards step in. They eat these pests and are a natural pest control system. That's why lizards are Florida's friend.

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July 19 - 02:07pm

I love lizards too! I think they are a great form of pest control, and fun to watch. I especially love anoles. I love it when I spot a green anole sitting on a tree or fence. I've been really interested in lizards for as long as I can remember. I'm glad you feel the same about them. Great story!

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