Mar 10, 2016 12:03AM

It Started When I Was 10 That I Figured What I Wanted To Have a Career In and That's Becoming a Veterinarian. I Love Animals I Have a Dog Named Whilie and a Cat Named Tiger. I've Had My Dog Since I Was 5 and My Cat We Found Him About a Year Ago Where He Was Abandoned By His Owners. I'm Not 15 and a Sophomore In High School. They Don't Really Have a Program For Veterinarian Stuff But They Have Stuff Like Nurses and Things Like That Which Is The Closet Thing I Can Get To. This Summer I Kinda Wanna Volunteer At The Animal Hospital By My School But I Don't Know Yet I'm Still Thinking About It. I Would Really Love To Become a Veterinarian Or a Vet Assistant It Doesn't Matter To Me As Long As I Get To Work With Animals

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Dr. Chris Carpenter
February 5 - 03:02pm

Thanks for sharing! I want to send you copy of the Vet Set Go book. Read the chapter on shadowing a veterinarian when you receive it. It will show you how to contact the animal hospital by your school. Good luck.

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