How Should I Gain Experience With Other Species?

Jan 22, 2020 2:01PM

Hi there! I am a seventh grade student strongly considering avian and exotic pet veterinary medicine for a career. But, I have a problem. I’ve never really had a chance to handle and become accustomed to many exotic animals. At home, I have three precious dogs that I am very comfortable handling. After some research, I have found that I am increasing interested in cockatiels! I think having the opportunity to care for and maintain a different type of animal would be truly an eye-opening experience. But my parents most likely will not want to take in another animal (understandably). Does anyone have suggestions on how I could familiarize myself with animals other than dogs besides owning one?

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Dr. Chris Carpenter
January 26 - 03:01pm

Hello! In chapter three of the Vet Set Go book we cover how to find a veterinary clinic to shadow at in your neighborhood. This would work just as well for exotic vets (although there are fewer of them). Please read that step-by-step guide and let us know how it goes!

August 3 - 08:08am

Hey there!
If I may suggest, try volunteering at shelters and exotic animal rescue groups... that would be one way to gain experience with exotic creatures. Another way is to do a lot of research, I'm actually in the process of getting a Cockatiel so I'm doing a bunch of research and am looking forward to welcoming a new pet into the family. I hope this helps!

October 11 - 04:10pm

Hi! I also love exotic animals and want to work with them! Maybe you can see if you can volunteer at local zoos? Or if you know anyone with Cockatiels (or any kind of exotic animal) you could offer to pet sit for them! Hope this helps!

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