I love all Animals!

Apr 10, 2016 3:04PM

Hi i am Americus and i'm 10 years old. I love Animals and i love to take care of them. I have always had a big heart when it come to Animals all kinds of them. I have a dog Annaica which she sleeps with me every night. I also have a cat she is a calico i named her calie. I love them so dear. I want to finish school and go to collage to become a vet so i can do my part and help with all the Animals in need. I have always wanted to be a vet from as far back as i can remember. I believe our pets our hear to really save us. they are our best friends. so when i grow up i want to take care of all Animals in need and so them all the love they deserve. Also i would never turn away a hurt one over money. sorry but that is just how i feel. A life is a life human our Animal its still the same to me. Thanks you so kindly for reading my story about wanting to be a vet when i grow up. Have a happy and blessed day.

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