its my birthday!

May 12, 2021 9:05AM

HI! its my birthday soon and I cant wait only 2 days till my birthday! I asked for the vet set go book for my birthday to! my birthday is may 14. also I'm going to critter camp for my birthday its a camp located in FL I hope I get the vet set go book so I can bring it to critter camp and use it if needed! I wonder if I will get to shadow a vet too I can not wait to see if I get the vet set go book! also I hope to take the vet set go become a vet quiz! also I got to be on the news for donating 100 items and 70 dollars to Hillsborough county pet resource center. it was so existing to be on the news and also the brought a cat in to play with I got to hold and pet the cat and I got a tour of the shelter like I did last time! it was so fun and I loved the pets there and hope to adopt the cat I played with she was so sweet and soft! I LOVE SHELTERRS AND WHAT THEY DO TO HELP PETS! AND LOVE THE VETS AT SHELTERS THAT HELP THE PETS TO!

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Dr. Chris Carpenter
May 12 - 09:05am

How exciting. Here is an early Happy Birthday to you! I think it is AMAZING how many items and how much money you have donated to the Hillsborough County pet resource center. We at Vet Set Go are so proud to have members like you. You are a true animal lover that has already done so much. I am excited for the day when you become a veterinarian.

May 19 - 10:05am

Happy Late Birthday!

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