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Mar 26, 2017 9:03AM

This dog has gone through one of the toughest times i have ever seen a dog go through i cried and i cried and i prayed for her over and over again but i had guessed it was just time for her to go this was my grandmothers dog my grandmother did not have enough money to go to the vet and something had inspired me i have no idea what it was but anyway i was online i had thought about what i have always dreamed of doing. so i decide to raise some money i did that but somehow no one wanted to help this dog it was going through so much pain (FYI she had breast cancer) i didn't know what to do. so i thought to myself one day just sitting in my bed "what if i could figure out what was wrong with her" so i did some research online and found out she had breast cancer it cost to much to put her down so i just kept praying and praying that all this pain would leave her body then one day  she had fallen off the porch... but if you have seen the movie miracles from heaven it might make you think of this... so she had fallen off didn't kill her. didn't make things worse it healed her... this was the best day of my life and i'm sure it was hers too. But then there is this dog standing by her in one of the pictures his name was red. all of the sudden he had started to get really mean. i didn't know what was causing it i figured it was from old age because he had starting peeing in the floor and when he was young he could jump up my grandmas porch but then the older he got the more he couldn't and then he started to go blind. We were going through so much already cause the other dog pepper was her name had just recovered but no matter what we did he just couldn't recover... So about a week after this we had all prayed together that if he died another dog would show up... after that night we woke no sign of him anywhere... we went outside he was just lying there not breathing or anything and the skinniest puppies in need of food were neglected and starving ... grandma took them in and in the next few weeks they were all better... so we gave them up for adoption and found the most loving family and then after that we didn't have to worry about anymore dogs passing everything was okay and god had answered all are prayers. : )

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March 27 - 02:03pm

love ur story! I know exactly how u feel about that peppers miracle... My dog Pessa died last year due to Cardiac Arrest ( the stopping of the heart ) she was fine morning of June 10th but that night she started open mouth breathing! We brought her to an emergency Vet and went home ( it was 3:00 am when we left to go to the vets and 6:30 am when we left. ) Later at 10:00 am I was still asleep when I heard my mom screaming "Pessa is dead!?" over the phone we left for the vets 5min later and when we arrived the docters said that they were able to revive her BUT I know it was only by God's grace, she came back so I could say good bye because she died June 11th at 12:00 midnight....... with God anything is possible

June 12 - 03:06pm

That is an incredible story!

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