Life at a Farm School

Jun 4, 2017 1:06PM

Hi! My name is Ashley, I wanted to share a story about my time at the Farm School. I was privileged enough to go to the only Montessori school on a farm. I met people from around the world, and we all came together to care for our farm. We had all kinds of things including a garden, three horses, too many chickens to count, two bovine, two pigs, and lots of goats. My jobs at the farm school were feeding the horses hay in the winter during my lunch, and taking care of the goats. My best friend and I were the co-goat managers. We were in charge of their health, feed, and breeding. The goats meant a lot to me, and I formed close relationships with all of them. My favorite goat was Georgia, who is in the picture. When I first came to the farm school she was afraid of people, but I spent time with her and she became one of the most people loving goats we have. In the spring when she had her four babies I was there to help clean them off. My time at the Farm School has made me want to become a veterinarian even more.

While I was the Farm School I was able to progress my education while being around animals. We did not have 'normal' classes, like English, history, and science. We had occupations and humanities. Humanities classes took the place of history and English, while our occupations classes were our science classes. One of my favorite occupations class was the ruminants class. We learned all about goats, bovine, deer and all of the animals that have four stomachs. This experience at the farm school has cemented the idea of becoming a veterinarian in my head. If you ever get a chance to go to a school on a farm I would highly recommend it.

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June 5 - 06:06pm

Thats so cool! I would looooove to do something like that. It sure would beat my boring school. I too would also love to be a vet. It would be my dream job! Keep reaching for your goals! :)

June 9 - 09:06pm

That must be fun. I totally wish I could go to a farm school!!!!!!!! Are there any near Pensacola?

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