Lifelong dream

Mar 9, 2018 11:03PM

When I was 8, I had this little veterinary play set with a doctors coat that I still have 10 years later. Right away, I knew I wanted to devote my life to helping animals of all species. I have cared for 2 cats, 2 dogs, 3 hamsters and a lizard while growing up. I am now a freshman in college and majoring in biology. I found this website when I was doing research on veterinary school and planning out my education path. It is a lot of work so that is why I am planning 2 years early. I interned at a local cat and dog veterinary hospital my senior year of high school and that made me realize I wanted to work with a variety of animals. I just got an internship for this upcoming summer 2018 at a cat/dog rescue/adoption organization. I am doing everything possible to get lots of veterinary experience. I will have logged over 400 hours of veterinary experience by the end of this summer. I am currently planning to interview to get on the board for my Pre-Veterinary Medical Association club at my college and also work part time along with school full time. I want to connect with students in graduate school possibly or veterinarians to get the best help and advice possible because I want to do it perfectly and get accepted into veterinary school.



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