Love caring, raising and showing animals

Apr 29, 2018 8:04PM

I have always been around animals at my home until 3 yrs ago. I joined 4-H and showed my 1st pig. I learned so much about in a very short 129 days. The next year I showed a pig and a dairy calf. Feeding,caring,cleaning,grooming and showing a calf is different than a pig,but a learned even more. This year I showed a pig and a 4 week old bull calf. I missed getting to see him born,but got to meet him right away and loved learning about his needs.

I love 4-H so much and am dual enrolling in FFA this coming Fall. My love of animals at home and the farm is now not just a hobby but it's a passion and I'd like to see my future as a veterinarian who takes care of large animals.

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