Love for animals from caterpillars to cows!

Mar 31, 2016 12:03PM


Our names are Kendra and Taylor - we live on a farm in Western Wisconsin. We have had a love for animals of all kinds since we were little girls - we both have horses, their names our Bo the Pony and Chaos. We want to grow up and be vets for many reasons......when the vet comes to our house we love to help weigh our measure our horses, and hold them while they get their shots. We have also had to help when my mom's first horse broke her jaw, and the vet came out. Our pony also foundered, so we have learned a lot in caring for his nutritional needs, and giving him his thyroid medicine everyday. We have also taken care of our cats since they were kittens, and our two poodles. We love animals from the littlest caterpillar to our 4H fair steers and someday hope to be vets! We love checking out books at the library to learn more about animals!!

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