My animal volunteering experience on the farm

Jun 28, 2021 9:06PM

Hi my name is Ava I will be 14 next month. I live on a farm that's how I volunteer with animals I have lived on a farm since I was 7 surprisingly I wanted to be a vet even before we moved! One of my sisters and I take care of the turkeys the chickens and we milk the goats on alternate days with one of my other sisters I also incubate chicks in the spring I love working with the animals and I hope that living on a farm will help me when I'm trying to get into vet school. One of the turkeys are broody and will have chicks in 15 days! I make sure she has food and water near her which can be difficult because you don't want to scare her off of them so you want to go slow and steady. Oh and I also take care of the cats they are my favorite pet animal! I make sure they Have plenty of water and don't have ticks in the summer and don't get to cold in the winter I have even seen goats and sheep give birth. Last year our cat had two litters of kittens it was very interesting experience to get them all spayed and neutered and then making sure they didn't hurt Themselves and before they went to the vet I got them used to the cages. I think that if anything the farm has Taught me to be kind compassionate and caring towards animals Especially when there in your care because they depend on you.

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