My Dream For Future

Apr 24, 2016 8:04PM

My name is Isabelle Cameron. I am very passionate about not just animals, but there health too. At this moment I have one dog and one guinea pig. My dog is more of a family effort, but my guinea pig is all my responsibility. I want to start my journey to becoming a vet to start as soon as possible. Right now I am too young to help out at any of the shelters in my local area, I still am always looking to help out animals in any way that I can. I have taken care of my neighbors cats and dogs while they were away. Unlike, most other people in my age group I did not take the money that they offered to me because I believe that the trust they gave me and the experience is setting me up for something greater and also it is the exact opposite a punishment to spend so time with animals. I have always wanted to be a veterinarian. No matter who asked me, at any point of me life I answered the same way, I want to be a vet. I go to a Catholic school and they teach me there that God makes to mistakes, making every person on this earth have a meaning. I believe I came to this earth to help the things that are always there for you and hold you together when things are not going your way. I believe that you people were put on this earth to help people like me have more hope that one day their dreams will come true. Some people give up on their dreams because when they get to college they are overwhelmed with all of there classes, so they take an easier route forsaking their dreams. But you are here to help them realize if they want to and if they do ,like me, they will get a passion for it and want to do nothing but become a vet. This book will help me see how I can start to prepare for my future. Also to help my bright future to become that much brighter, and shining as bright as I know I can be.

- Isabelle Cameron (13)

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