My Horse is Lame!

Mar 29, 2016 1:03PM

Do you want to become an equine (horse) veterinarian? If you do, one of the most common cases you are going to see is lameness.

Lameness is a condition every horse owner dreads and it takes a skilled veterinarian to figure out what is causing it. That’s because so much of a lameness exam is subjective. It is truly a blend of art and science. Because of this, it takes an experienced doctor to observe and take note of all the “clues” as they examine their patient. When it comes to lameness, the veterinarian truly has to be a skilled detective.

If you would like to have an equine practitioner take you through the basics of a lameness exam, watch our latest video “Equine Lameness Exam”. In this video, Dr. Jessica Thornton of the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, Kentucky takes you through the basics of her exam.

Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Carpenter
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