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Jun 17, 2017 11:06AM

I am eleven years old, and if you've ever met me you'd know I absolutely love animals! Ever since I was at least five years old, I've wanted to become a vet. I've spent man years falling in love with more and more animals. I have been taking multiple horseback riding lessons for almost two years. I also have two dogs and a cat who I love very much. When I grow up, I want to go to school to become a vet tech. After that, I want to work as one whilst going to UC Davis to become a vet. I'm going to move in with my grandparents while going to school. Then I want to move into my grandma's old house, (Which I grew up in). Random I know. Then I'm going to work at a vet clinic up there. I am going to be a vet for all animals, big and small. I hope i save many animals. I also hope I fulfill my dreams. Thanks for reading this!

- Jaylynn


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June 25 - 11:06pm

Hello Jaylynn. we are very alike. I too love animals more that anything. I plan to go to college at A&M in Texas.

June 26 - 06:06pm

Omg! It sounds like we have lot in common. I love animals with all my heart and I also want to go to UC Davis! In fact I took a tour here for my birthday last November (It's such a beautiful campus I love it) but btw to get into the vet program you have to have 2,000 volunteer hours with an animal of your choice (Not a pet). I have started those hours at a rescue barn. Best of luck. Keep pursuing your dreams.

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