My Shadowing Experience

Sep 29, 2023 12:09PM

This summer I spent a day shadowing a local repro. specialty vet and has by far been my favorite experience. The whole event was one I will never forget. This is a picture of a pregnancy ultrasound. I don't think I realized before the shadowing day how many skills that vets show. From performing exams, to talking with owners, they are truly passionate about their job. As an aspiring vet I am looking forward to more experiences like this one, and Vetsetgo has helped me throughout the whole process. The Vetsetgo vet courses taught me about the whole shadowing procedure. I use the Vetsetgo volunteer hours app to track my experiences. This summer I also had the opportunity to go to the vet camp in Alabama. Thank you so much Vetsetgo for making all these recourses for aspiring vets!

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Dr. Chris Carpenter
September 29 - 12:09pm

So grateful to see this post. We at Vet Set Go are here for only one reason, to help future vets like you explore their future of becoming a veterinarian.

So glad you were able to take advantage of our courses and then go out and volunteer. You'll also be so grateful you are tracking your hours on the Vet Volunteer app. You'll want to have those notes when you apply to vet school

And finally, congratulations on the scholarship to vet camp. Another great way to explore your dream.

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