My veterinary experience

May 16, 2019 10:05PM

I’m Kate and I’m 13 (7th grade) and shadowed at Veterinary Care Specialists of Milford Michigan and I shadowed Dr. Mare and then another time I shadowed Dr. Hass along another time where I shadowed Dr. Katie at the Union Lake Veterinary Hospital. When I shadowed Dr. Mare, I witnessed a foreign body surgery where this dog ate this bouncy ball and it was in its intestine. I also saw the organs around it during the surgery. I saw a lot of check ups, vaccinations, drawing blood, drawing urine, ultrasounds, a euthanasia, and more. I learned a lot about what a vet does and and how much paper work that they have to do! I took a journal with me so I could write about the cases I saw and things I experienced. It was a awesome experience and I recommend shadowing to anyone considering to be a vet because it really shows you the things you can’t learn from books and is just a good experience.

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