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Jan 8, 2018 11:01PM

My name is Elizabeth, I am 17 years old and I live in the New England region of the United States. I am currently a senior in high school and I know I want to go to college to be a veterinarian. There are many schools around here that offer the pre-vet program, however, I didn't want to just take the general classes that are equivalent to the biology major that graduate schools are looking for. I wanted to choose a school that would put me ahead of the game. That is when I found Becker College, there classes on animals start as soon as sophomore year, the school also has an on campus animal clinic open to the public! Now, I come from a small town and don't have the best grades ever, I didn't think my chances of getting in were too great. After all, this is a competitive field of study. However, I know more than I realize about animals that I have learned through community service at a local rescue. The rescuing process is a whole different sorry I will have to share another time. The hard work I had put into my passion has paid off. I have been accepted to my dream school! Never settle on a school that you don't feel is offering enough for you to learn. Explore your options, expand your knowledge, and know that there are opportunities out there for everyone!

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May 19 - 07:05pm

Belive in yourself and never give up on your dreams! good luck I hope you become a succsessful vet.

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