Opossums Are Awesome

Jun 14, 2017 5:06PM

Opossums are vicious, rabid creatures who will bite everyone they meet, right? WRONG!!!! I am a 12 year old girl. I caught an Opossum in a humane live trap and they are naturally tame. They NEVER bite. You can hold them, play with them, what ever! All they do is try to look fierce or play dead. They make great pets. I have experience with many. And how about the 'rabid' part? Well, Opposums have a low body temp, which makes it near impossible for them to have rabies. So give them a chance! Please comment your thoughts.

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June 25 - 10:06am

Where did you find the trap and did you keep the opossum?

June 25 - 11:06pm

My trap came from the great company Havahart and I let the guy go a week after catching him. Opossums are surprisingly tame animals.

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