P.S. to Exploring Every Corner of Opportunity

Aug 22, 2016 1:08AM

Exploring Every Corner of Opportunity, P.S.

I have grown up on a ranch all my life. I train(ed) horses, dogs and goats and have shown all in 4H. I currently have 11 animals including horses, dogs, rabbits and a cat. My life are the animals. Growing up on a ranch, I have never been afraid of hard work or failure for the only outcome, is to learn. I also teach young ones or newbies about horses and how to ride, how to train their horse/pony, how to continue their training of their horse, dog, goat, etc. My entire life has been animals and when I learned about the work of a Veterinarian, I immediately did research and started setting goals for myself so I could get into Vet School and my desired University (Oregon State University). I have since then, continued to improve everything I ever could and so much more.


Jasmine Hertel

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