Jul 25, 2016 11:07AM

Hey its Harmony again and I wanted to tell u my future plans my plans are the best I want to be a nature staff at my Christian camp called Camp Alamisco it is the best there is swimming, boating, horses and even paintball but I also like the horses very much my horse that I always ride is Red he is the tallest horse and also the sweetest Red is the leading horse on all the trails and he loves to run up hills and jump off rock and man I sure do miss him! Well back to nature the nature staff teach kids about the different species of animals and how to feed them and then you get to hold them my favorite animal in there is Katrina the snake she is very sweet and BIG but I also like z-jay the snake and I love the both equally anyways if you are interested in Camp Alamisco it is in Dadville Alabama and it is a Seventh Day Adventist Church camp if you go to church on Sundays that's fine because that's common but if you have any more questions please comment and it is once a week and is for ages 7-16 but that's all for tonight.

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September 30 - 12:09pm

yarg i love animals

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