Save the Kakapos

Feb 8, 2017 12:02PM

Hi, I am Grace and am 12 in the sixth grade. I have a large interest for parrots of all species, and have come across to learning about the kakapo parrot. This bird is native to New Zealand, it is an endangered species- there are only approximately 87 left in the wild. These parrots are quite unique... They are the only nocturnal, flightless parrot. They are also the heaviest parrot. When the Europeans first came to New Zealand, they brought rats and stoats which are predators to the kakapo, but before, there weren't any predators so kakapos had no reason to fly. Please donate to breeding programs to help these birds and be aware of how much an animal can affect the environment especially when it wasn't originally from there. Even a fish can massively effect the environment.

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February 17 - 05:02pm

Hi Grace
My name is grace too
In 13 and in Jr. High

June 5 - 06:06pm

Wow I have never learned of these birds! I will do whatever I can to try and help them!

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