Mar 10, 2016 10:03PM

Animals the thing that mean the most to me in the whole world. People will take them for granted and say terrible things, but in reality animals are the savior of the world. At least to me, because think about animals are there for you through thick and thin and don’t judge. The way that they show love and affection to everyone is the reason I want to become a veterinarian. Currently I am 16, and grateful to have been given all of the opportunities I have today. My mother had fueled my love for animals by teaching me all she could about science and even buying some for her class, which wasn’t the usual cat and dog. From this I started out at first animals sitting for friends and giving advice when I could, because even at a young age I still had more information than most adults. Sometime around middle school I realized I wanted to work with animals and learn everything. So I volunteered at my school’s Living Materials Center, I worked as often as possible and even gained so much praise that they had said once I get old enough I could work there. Not only did I volunteer there but I also helped out at my local wildlife rehabilitation facility. I also got as many classes for animals as possible including starting biology in the 8th grade, because it would teach me more about animals faster. Now that I am in high school I still volunteer at those 2 places and animal sit for my friends, but I also have a mentorship (shadowing only) with a veterinarian, I volunteer at another veterinary clinic, and I once got to help at an emergency veterinary hospital. I even go to my mom’s school for science night to tell them about my exotic animals: my 3 snakes, bearded dragon, iguana, and axolotl. Even in high school I’m still trying to get as much classes about animals as possible including some college classes (because I’m in a dual credit high school). With my future in sight I hope to become an exotic veterinarian who eventually branches to learn everything I can about animals and how to help them.

(you asked for a story so I delivered)

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