Shadow Externship

Oct 3, 2023 1:10PM

I shadowed at Bloomsburg Animal Hospital in Bloomsburg, PA. Here, I had the opportunity to gain experience in wellness and medical visits, surgical rotations, and dental procedures. Pictured above is a cat that had an enucleation conducted. It was originally thought that since there was no swelling around the eyelid, only in the eye, this could have been caused by a progressive infection. However, while in surgery, a mass was found behind the eye to have been causing it be inflamed and bulge. The eye and a part of the mass was removed. It would cause difficulty to attempt to remove the entire mass because of the risk of affecting the optic nerve.

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Dr. Chris Carpenter
October 3 - 12:10pm

Thanks for sharing the very interesting case to be able to watch. Sounds like you have a great location for shadowing.

Share a photo of yourself shadowing sometime and thanks for being a Vet Set Go member!

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