Shadowing A Large Animal Vet

Sep 28, 2023 7:09PM

Last semester, I had the amazing opportunity to shadow my local large animal veterinarian. We went on farm calls to visit race horses, mini horses, goats, pigs, and cows. The picture above is of a senior miniature horse who was perviously suffering from lameness. However, after treating her with Bute, Flame got insurmountably better and is able to keep up with her pen mate who is less than half her age. While I was only able to volunteer for half of a semester, I hope to do more ride alongs in the future with my local vet. And I love that I can look back on my Vet Set Go account and recall all the hours and places that I went during my favorite volunteer experience!

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Dr. Chris Carpenter
September 28 - 08:09pm

This is an amazing opportunity! I lot of future veterinarians find it hard to locate a large animal veterinarian who allows students to go on farm calls. So happy this veterinarian shared these experiences with you.

Great job recording your experiences on the app. You'll want to remember these for your vet school application and interviews.

Keep volunteering!!!

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