Share Your Animal Volunteer Experience and Receive a Gift Card

Jun 28, 2019 4:06PM

Are you in 4th – 12th grade? Have you ever volunteered to help animals? Are you willing to share your experience with other Vet Set Go members? We will provide a $25 Amazon gift card to the first 30 people who are willing to share their volunteer experience with other Vet Set Go members. Are you interested?

First, lets make sure you have volunteered with animals. Have you:

  • Volunteered at a shelter, horse barn, veterinary clinic, wildlife rescue facility, zoo, or other animal facility?
  • Fed, groomed, read to, cleaned cages, or provided any care for animals in a facility?
  • Have you fostered puppies or kittens for an animal shelter?
Kennel Volunteer

If your answer is “yes” to any question, here is all you need to do:

1. Become a member of Vet Set Go (Its free!)

2. Share your animal volunteer experience in our community section by uploading a post that describes your experience. You post MUST INCLUDE the following:

  • The exact name of the animal facility where you volunteered
  • The city and state where the animal facility is located.
  • A photograph of you taken while you were volunteering
  • A brief description of what you saw and did while you were there!

That’s it! Once your post is up and approved, we will contact you and send you an Amazon gift card by email.

Remember, this offer is limited to the first 30 people who share their veterinary shadowing story with us. So share your story today!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with our Vet Set Go members! I know they will appreciate it!

Dr. Chris

(Not sure if what you did qualifies as volunteering? Then write to [email protected] and check with us before posting.)

Dr. Chris Carpenter
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July 1 - 03:07pm

I did this and received my giftcard! Thanks!

Dr. Chris Carpenter
July 1 - 06:07pm

Thanks for your post. It was great!

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