Shelter Advocate

Sep 29, 2023 7:09PM

I have volunteered with BASS Shelter Pets in Bloomindale, New Jersey for two years. I advocate for adoptable cats and kittens at PetSmart Adoption Days.

This past summer, I began working part-time at the shelter, where I am responsible for feeding, cleaning, and socializing the cats and kittens. This is a photo of me caring for one of the cats. I love getting to know the cats. My family has adopted three cats from BASS. We chose cats that normally are adopted the least. We adopted a senior cat as well as a black kitten. Our third cat is a beautiful mixed breed.

I am working on my Girl Scout Gold Award called Phenomenal Foster Pets. I am raising awareness about the importance of fostering cats and dogs to reduce shelter overcrowding. Working with animals is so rewarding!

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Dr. Chris Carpenter
September 28 - 02:09pm

Two years! That is amazing. Thank you for dedicating so much time to these cats and kittens. It must be such a rewarding experience.

Don't forget to track all of these hours on the Vet Volunteer App Each day you can notate what you have done so that you'll remember when it becomes time to submit you application to veterinary colleges.

Good luck with the Girl Scout Gold Award. With all that you done, we think you are already a winner. Thank you.

September 28 - 02:09pm

Thank you, Dr. Carpenter! I will check out the Vet Volunteer App to stay on top of my volunteer hours. This will also help me for volunteer hours for school.

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